Tutoring FAQs

Extra-curricular teaching is somewhat abstract and confusing to a lot of people because a vast percentage of the country will never have a personal teacher to help them through school, college or university. This, then, asks a lot of questions which need answering when you do finally need a personal teacher to help you through certain situations in your academic life. You may find life at further education a lot harder than during your middle and high school years – after all it is supposed to be that way – or you may now be a parent who wants the best for their children and want to offer them extra support education wise. Whatever your prerogatives, if you do want answers to some of the most commonly asked questions here they are.
A lot of jobs require qualifications and certain credentials so you would expect every job to be the same, but this isn’t the case with teaching outside of schools. A majority may have some kind or degree but that degree does not have to be specific to what you are teaching because you are basically a freelancer and anyone can hire you – this is probably one of the only jobs which don’t need any qualifications whatsoever to do as a job. It is all down to the choice of your clients because they are hiring you for the individual or for their children, so if the type of job you are being hired for is extra-curricular university based then you are probably going to need more qualifications than a best primary school tutor. Whoever is hiring you and for whatever purpose, you definitely need to be an effective teacher and instructor.
Like most jobs you should be aware of what is expected of you before you take the role on. With personal teaching, whether it is primary school tutoring or it is instructing people to pass tests and exams, you will always be expected to be an efficient and effective coach. You are being hired for your ability to convey the importance of, as well as teach people the framework of understanding complex points – the reason you are there is because they do not understand what is being taught to them in class so you have to be a good communicator. Realistically, you will always be expected to show growth in the client’s learning and ability to learn otherwise you are somewhat pointless as a teacher.
Teaching pupils outside of schools is a lot different and as a result you are your own boss, to a degree. You do not have a boss and you work your own working hours, but you should always be aware that you need to impress the people who hire you and you should be rotate your schedule around theirs. Maybe you do have a boss!