Fashion Trends:

Since ancient days dressing and jewelry are playing a critical role in projecting people’s personality. According to their economic status, people choose their clothing, jewelry, and other accessories. People who have a big position in the society wear costly clothes and rich jewelry to display their richness and status. People who are of low economic status cannot afford so much money on these types of things and they maintain their clothing and other accessories according to their financial status. Following fashion sense and design trends has become an important part in the life of people so that they can upgrade themselves according to the running trends.
In olden days, people were not that interested in following fashion trends and they use to wear whatever they like. They use to hesitate on spending money for fashion accessories. The current generation youngsters closely follow all the fashion trends and they do not wear any dress which is out fashioned. Not only dressing but they are very particular about their matching footwear, jewelry, accessories, and earrings etc. Having tattoos on the body is also a fashion symbol nowadays and many tattoo schools and artists are available for tattoo designing. People are choosing tattoo on the body according to their personality, fashion sense, and zodiac signs. Few people get tattoos of their loved ones names to show the world proudly about their love for them.
Some people are so much addicted to tattoo collection that they have their whole body tattooed with different types of symbols and pictures. Previously tattoo work used to be done by anyone who has learned tattooing and because of their unhygienic ways sometimes infections are detected in people. Since last few years, people have awareness about these things and they prefer only renowned tattoo artists who have professional training from tattoo schools for tattoo piercing.
Another Fashion accessory which is visible in almost every person hand today is their smartphone. The phone has become the symbol of luxury and economic status instead of being an electronic device of emergency usage. People are maintaining high-class smartphones with different varieties of mobile pouches and screen guards. People who do not have smartphone are considered as old fashioned and technology ignorant nowadays. Most of the people do not even know all the features that are available on their phone and how to use them but still they carry that smartphone as it is a symbol of their status and fashion sense.
The current generation is running behind the fashion trends and status symbols instead of concentrating on their personality development. Fashion is not about wearing the latest model dresses and carrying latest accessories. It is about carrying oneself with confidence and positive attitude in whatever dress they are wearing.