Method Of Gaining Perfection In GAMSAT Exam


There are several practice tests for GAMSAT that can be given by the students for free in the internet. Online practice tests help them to strengthen their confidence they have gained from the preparation courses.

Structure of the GAMSAT test

The GAMSAT tutoring exam comprises of questions and content similar to the entire annual graduate Australian medical school admissions test. It takes approximately five and half hours to finish the test under the environment that is present for the usual test. The questions in the practice test are clustered in 3 sections, reasoning in subjects like humanities and social sciences, in written communication and reasoning in subjects like biological and physical sciences. Just as in the actual test, the time allotted for every section is as follows.

 There are 75 questions in section I and 100 minutes are allotted for completing it

 There are 2 questions in section II and 60 minutes are allotted for this section

 There are 110 questions in this section III and 170 minutes are allotted for this section

 The students are encouraged to extend their time for the entire day to complete the practice test, if one hour break is taken before starting section III

 It is suggested that the students should not check their answers for I and III sections, until all the three sections are completed

It would be good to leave the scoring and analysis for the next day. Since the modern medical curriculum involves mostly the problem based learning techniques, GAMSAT exam is structured with a large focus on the assessment of problem solving ability among a wide range of subjects.

Actual GAMSAT paper is prepared according to the technical and professional standards. A team of writers, specialized in the subject areas, from the Australian council for educational research, design and develop the test questions by consulting with the university faculty experts. The test questions must be screened by detailed panel, trial testing, analysis and finishing review. To determine the reliability and validity of the testing program, the style, content, sequencing and duration of the tests are determined. GAMSAT test information is analyzed, checked and developed to scrutinize and minimize the ethnic, religious or gender bias and is checked whether the test questions are culturally rational.

Advantage of taking practice test

By going through the practice GAMSAT exam, the student will be familiar with the difficulty level and the type of materials available in the live test. The students will also get used to the type and number of questions that are given in the actual test to be finished in the given time frame. These questions will make the students to gain ample experience in the technique of answering the multiple choice questions.

The writing prompts given for the section II provides an opportunity to practice finishing two essays in the limited time. No solutions are provided for these essays, while records on assessing GAMSAT written communication are provided.

The method of preparing for GAMSAT exam is given in the information booklet that is available in some of the websites meant for providing the study material and practice tests for the students regarding this exam.