Things To Consider While Recruiting

If you are running a company, you really need experts to get it to a good level. Here are some tips for you on recruitment.

While calling for applications

Most people only think about the selection process, but the most important thing while recruiting is calling for applications. You need to decide what kind of people do you want for the job and set the criteria accordingly. For that, you should assess the job first. Determine whether the job is more technical or more managerial, or something else. Based on this, you can figure out the minimum qualification for the candidates. Also consider the level of the job. If it is higher up the ladder, you would need someone mature and experienced. Similarly, you do not need someone with a lot of experience at the beginner level. You need to figure out some other details in the same way. 

This is important because it tells the candidates whether they should apply or not. The selection process can never go right if you do not handle this step properly. If invitation for applications is not descriptive enough, you will get too many applications, most of which will be a waste of your time. And if it is too specific, you might lose some really great candidates. So, be very careful and reconsider everything before finalizing.

During the selection process

After sorting through all the applications, you get to the selection process where you can finally find the right person for the job. Different recruiters consider different things. Here are some good ideas for you.

1. Personality: An employee doesn’t just need to be able to do his/her own work. They should also be able to work well with others. So, the recruit should be friendly and easy to work with. Although these things can only be tested with time, but if you want quick results you can try an EQ test. It is emotional quotient. It tells you how a person handles and expresses emotions. We are not just talking about happiness, sadness, hatred and other soap opera emotions. Other emotions like fear, stress, pride, etc, are also tested.

2. Confidence: It is one of the most important qualities you need in a person who is going to deal directly with the clients. Even if the recruit will be working mostly on the backend, he/she needs to be confident about their plan to complete any task. Only then you will be able to get the job done.

3. Skill set: Qualification and other trainings tell you only a little fraction of a person’s skills. While some of the people are only as skilled as it says in their CV, but others have a lot more to offer. Have a peek at this article if you want to learn more reviews regarding DISC personality test.