How To Move A Horse Across Country?

Horses are majestic and lovely animals, some people believe that they are of the unicorn descent which is why it is very difficult to move them from one place to another place since and there are also many health risks during transportation of an animal.
If you really want to avoid leaving or selling your horse before you leave town, you should consider transporting it safely to your new state so that you wouldn’t have to miss him as much.

The tips listed below will help you move a horse across the country,

Visit to vet is important

A few days prior to the date when you transport your horse will be a nice time to take it to a checkup at the vets and during the vet visit, you can inquire her about the safety of your horse while transporting it and you can also get it up to speed on the vaccines.

The vehicle and the Driver

The vehicle that will transport the horse can vary from anything such as a trailer to a large van but if we’re talking about a plural number of horses, the capacity needed in a trailer would be much more which would mean that the driver would have to possess a heavy combination license.

If you need a driver who you can trust with your horse or horses, contact a friend who may possess a heavy combination license and ask them to drive your horse or horses for you so that the whole time, you won’t be worrying about your animal. 

If you don’t have anyone who is willing to drive a horse or a bunch of loud horses across the country, consider asking a horse vanning company where they ship the horses to do your hard work for you but this kind of luxury maybe more pricier than you expected.

Leg wraps and bandages

If your horse is stubborn and restless when it comes to transporting it then I highly suggest and recommend the use of leg wraps and bandages especially if they are a performance horse. A performance horse needs the maximum use of his legs and if he’s lying inside of the trailer, kicking and pawing, there’s a high chance of it getting injured severely.

Leg wraps are a great way to avoid injury in horses especially since horse legs, once damaged are very hard to repair and fix. These bandages are wrapped around their ankles for their own safety and to make sure that they don’t get hurt by running around too much.